Who is Kales?

So obviously, I am Kales, but usually only my husband calls me that. I also actually don’t like bagels that much either (too many carbs and not enough flavor). Bagel is a spin-off of my last name that my husband also came up with a few years ago. That’s his thing; he comes up with handy nick-names for everyone. He calls our youngest daughter Lydia, “Sandwich” and she actually responds to it now.

That’s me!

My real name is Kaylee and I currently live in Southern Indiana. I’m a mom of three kids (one from me, one from my husband, and one we made together) and I’m a delivery driver. It’s not a very fabulous job honestly, I’m not delivering diamonds to foreign diplomats. I deliver pizza and Chinese food to the people in my city. I’m not allowed to have cats in my apartment, so I have a fish named Abraham. I like to cook, read books, write, and research.

I have never blogged before so I don’t have any credibility right now. I just have things I want to write about and I need a creative outlet. It doesn’t hurt that I also want to reach out to people and share, so here I am, with a blog. I hope at least one person can find my content relatable and enjoyable.