ADF – Week 3 Update: Side Effects

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My fast days this week were Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Monday.

Tues – Wed – Thurs – Fri – Sat– Sun – Mon

Let me just say, week 3 is a game changer. I’ve watched multiple YouTube videos and read articles about how the body adapts to fasting, and the majority of them said that the first two weeks were the worst. They were absolutely right! I have been relieved of all the bad side effects, the extreme hunger pangs, and the dread that comes with knowing a fast day is coming up.

On my eating days I didn’t crave nearly as much food, and I’m feeling pretty confident that I could do this for the rest of my life.

R.I.P. Here lies the reasons I’m fat.

Now it’s time for our weekly math. I’m going to make it more simple this time.

Last WeekThis week
Weekly TDEE17,76217,718
Calories In12,4486,965
Calorie Deficit5,31410,753
7-Day Calorie Avg.1,778/day995/day
Start Weight226 lb.225 lb.
End Weight225 lb.221 lb.
Weight Lost1 lb.4 lb.

So as you can see, I ate WAY less food than I did the week before. I just wasn’t as hungry, but also each week is going to alternate my fast days. I’m only eating 3 days one week, and 4 the next. This last week was a 3-day eating week, but this next one is going to be a 4 day eating week. So, if the trend continues this way, I’m going to predict that I will be reporting a little less weight loss in my next update.

I mentioned that my side effects have subsided. What side effects? Well, there are a few uncomfortable things that just come with the territory of any kind of fasting, ADF included.


Headaches are widely reported by people who attempt to fast. Most likely, you’re just not drinking enough water. The recommended water intake for someone is usually 8 glasses a day, but your intake is going to have to increase because you’re not getting water from your food like you normally would (I drink about 1.25 gallons of water a day). So if you have a headache, drink a large glass of water and see if you feel better. It could also be low blood-sugar, caffeine withdrawal, or a change in nicotine levels if you’re a smoker, and your smoking habits have changed. In some cases it can be a sign of a bigger health problem. I decided to not visit a doctor and just continue with the fast because I’m stubborn, and my headaches went away after the first two weeks.


Your bowels are NOT going to be normal at first. You aren’t going to be getting food at the normal times that your body expects it, so odds are, things are going to get a little irregular. Sharing time: I didn’t have a bowel movement my entire second week. Once again, I didn’t visit a doctor, but my issues leveled themselves out after week two. Water intake, exercise, drinking black coffee, heat pads, laxatives, and eating a lot of fiber can help.


I didn’t experience this one, but my husband did. This is simply low blood-sugar. You could also experience nausea, which I did on my first two fast days. This symptom fades fast.

Heart burn

I didn’t quite understand why I experienced this side effect, so I had to go online and do a little research on it just to make sure I wasn’t dying. Turns out that scientists don’t actually understand much of heartburn causes during fasting, and they just tell people to go to a doctor if any other weird signs pop up (like severe vomiting or black bowel movements). My husband got a pretty heavy dose of it. Verbatim, he said it was, “pretty f****** intense.” But it has gone away for both of us now.

“As soon as we’re done creating artificial intelligence, we’ll look more into heartburn” -Scientists, I guess.

Hunger Pangs

Empty stomach causes you to be hungry? I totally didn’t expect this one. Obviously we’re going to experience hunger, but surprisingly this one actually goes away too. My last two fast days I literally haven’t gotten hungry even once. It’s like my body has just given up and accepted that I’m not going to feed it.


You can experience some lethargy or lack of energy when you first start out. You’re not eating. Not eating = tired, if your body isn’t used to it. Make sure you’re taking in enough calories on your eating days.


My face broke out pretty bad when I first started. I’ve only ever read anything about how intermittent fasting and water fasting helps keep your skin clear, so I’m assuming that my body was detoxing and cleaning out my pores.

Which brings me to my next point:

I’m clearly not a doctor. Just because I took the risk and didn’t consult a doctor before starting this lifestyle, or when I started to see side effects, doesn’t mean that’s a great idea. I’m 26, relatively healthy, and have no past negative medical history, so I took the risk.

I like to tough it out.

But just so nobody can sue me – talk to your doctor before starting this, or any new diet plan so you can make sure it fits your personal needs.

Four pounds down in one week. I’m pretty sure you can’t beat that with any other eating method. Officially, I am down 13 pounds in only 3 weeks.

Stay tuned for my ONE MONTH update coming next Tuesday!

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