Different Ways to Eat Eggs

Let me start by saying that I am NOT going to offer up cooking methods. We all know these – scrambled, fried, boiled, poached, baked, etc. I am going to offer up ways to season and flavor your eggs so they never get boring.

You don’t have to do this to yourself

Almost every diet (except veganism and low-fat, and seriously why does anyone do low-fat anymore?) has eggs as a major food group, but I see so many people who isolate themselves to salt and pepper, and that’s depressing to me because bland food isn’t necessary. My husband swears that salt and pepper are always delicious, even when they’re solo, but my taste buds need a little more excitement. Keep in mind that I’ve also been told that I eat really weird food but I think people are just scared of change. So here are a few ways to make your eggs more flavorful and fun.

Hot Sauce

I know some people don’t like hot sauce and that’s fine, but if you can handle a little bit of heat I strongly urge you to start putting hot sauce on your eggs. It just goes together. It’s like peanut butter and jelly. I’m not a person who puts hot sauce on everything, but with eggs it’s just too magical not to. Hot sauce works with literally every combination on this list and probably any others that I haven’t thought of, so pop a few squirts on there and enjoy.

Cottage Cheese

Everyone knows that cheese and eggs go really well together, but put those American “cheese” slices away and throw a few scoops of cottage cheese on your scrambled eggs tomorrow. The creaminess combined with the cheesiness is going to elevate your eggs way further than normal cheese ever could, and the added protein doesn’t hurt either.


I know this is going to throw some people off, but trust me. I tried this Moroccan dish one time that had ginger, chili powder, cilantro, cumin, garlic, and cinnamon and it inspired me to try it out on my eggs. That combination of seasonings worked out really well and I thought it tasted great, so I tried one day to just use salt, pepper, and a tiny dash of cinnamon and I was shocked, but it was really good. You can barely taste it, but it just adds a deeper flavor to the eggs. Combine it with hot sauce and you’re set.

Plain Greek Yogurt

This one is pretty similar to cottage cheese, but Greek yogurt has a flavor that’s pretty unique so it changes the game a little. I personally like the combo of yogurt with buffalo sauce so sometimes I’ll just do that, or Yogurt with dill, but honestly you can combine Greek yogurt with almost anything and still end up with a delicious and healthy combo.


If you’re looking for a boost in your protein or fat intake while also not raising your calories too much, tuna is a good way to do that. I’ll put a whole can of tuna in a skillet and fry it up with some eggs, top it with Parmesan or cottage cheese, some salt, maybe some Italian seasoning or chili powder, and Voila!


I think tomatoes and eggs go together really well. I’ll put a can of tomatoes, or a fresh diced tomato, in the pan and cook it with the eggs. You can also flavor this so many different ways that I’m sure there’s a way to get even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy this (unless they don’t like tomato). One of my favorites is ginger and curry powder. You could also put a Mexican spin on it and use cilantro and cumin, or cinnamon and chili powder if you wanted something unusual; Oregano, garlic, and Mozzarella. There are so many combinations if you play around with your seasoning cabinet.

Play with Your Food

Every single flavor combination on this list is in my normal egg preparation repertoire. I have eaten all of these and thoroughly enjoyed them, so even if they seem weird at first, give them a go anyways. Like I mentioned earlier, people have said that my eating habits are weird, and maybe they are, but the only reason I know what I like is because I’m not afraid to play with my food. I have made some truly disgusting, inedible, abhorrent meals before (like the time I fried peaches with spinach, in bacon grease) but I have also cooked up some unexpected gems (like my pork-apple-onion pie). So don’t be afraid of your food. Throw out the rule-book and make something new and unexpected. Worst case scenario, you throw it in the trash; Best case scenario, you create something new and unique and you get to feel like you’re cooler than Gordon Ramsey.

But for the sake of all that’s good and holy, please don’t do this

Do you have any weird ways you like your eggs? Any strange food combos I should know about? Because I’m always in the market for some new flavors! let me know in the comments!

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