ADF – Week 1 Update

I got through my first week! If you guys aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about, you can go here and read my first post about alternate day fasting and the little experiment I’m doing.

The week went like this: I ate on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

Tues – Wed – Thurs – Fri – Sat – Sun – Mon

Okay, so let me start by saying that this was WAY easier than I thought it was going to be!

Tuesday – This was a normal first fasting day and my body was already accustomed to the sensation of not having food for a day (I do fasts occasionally already, so this was nothing new). Every day I fasted this week, I drank a full gallon of water, sometimes more. I also drank around a gallon or so on my eating days.

Wednesday – I ATE SO MUCH FOOD! I knew I had 2,500 calories to play around with and I knew I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted, so I ended my day with 2,480 calories. You’re normally told to not count calories when you’re doing this, but I wanted to be able to actually report my numbers to you guys. So, I used Myfitnesspal to keep accurate records. If I could sum up Wednesday in one word – Gluttony.

Wednesday, in a nutshell

Thursday – This was the hardest day probably. I am not used to bouncing back straight into a fast after only one day of recovery, but I totally did it! It was more of a psychological struggle than a physical one; My body didn’t “need” food. It “wanted” it. It also didn’t help that I completely rearranged my house that day, moving dressers and mattresses around literally from sun-up to sun-down. If I hadn’t used so much energy that day, it would’ve been about 100 times easier.

Friday – I wasn’t quite as gluttonous as Wednesday. My cravings weren’t quite as extreme and I wasn’t tempted to eat everything in sight. I still ate 2,317 calories, but they were more spread out through the day and it wasn’t from ridiculously unhealthy food (well, some of it was). Overall, it was a good day and I wasn’t as nervous about fasting the next day.

Saturday – I woke up confident and ready to tackle the day but waiting until noon to eat was absolute torture. My cravings were manageable, everything was perfect. Until I started my monthly cycle, which put me in a terrible mood. It’s kind of nice though because now I can answer the question a lot of women are going to ask – “How does this affect my period?”. That post will be coming soon! I drank my gallon of water and went about my day and it went smoother than I thought it would.

Like a boss

Sunday – I actually ate rather normally this day. I took in 1,960 calories which is a pretty average amount of food. I also didn’t really crave anything out of the ordinary, so I ended up eating food from home for most of the day instead of seeking out particular foods while I was driving around at work. I also drank a diet coke, because I had been avoiding caffeine up to this point, and it gave me a killer headache.

Monday – The day was fine. Honestly, I think my body has adjusted already. No cravings at all, and cooking for my family was the easiest this day than any other day before. I didn’t stare at the food like I wanted to attack it and there wasn’t any temptation to take just “one little bite”. We all know how that would’ve ended.

So now, for the numbers:

I totaled 6,757 calories for the entire week. If it were split up into 7 days of eating, I would’ve taken in 965 calories a day (and I would’ve been starving the whole time). I also totaled 288 g of protein, 713 g of carbs, and 312 g of fat. So next week I think I need to try to eat a little healthier to boost my protein numbers. Where I’m sitting, it would’ve been the equivalent of eating only 41 g a day. Yikes.

I know, you’re all probably looking for one particular piece of information, and that would be – “How much weight did you lose?” To find that out, you’ll have to wait for my week 2 update. No, I’m kidding! I started out the week at 234 pounds. When I weighed myself this morning, after my last day of full fasting, I weighed 226.

So I lost 8 pounds total, which was what most people experienced for the first week or two. I’m fine with losing 8 more pounds next week, but if week 3 follows the same trend, I’m going to have to switch things up so I don’t have a ridiculous amount of saggy skin when this over.I am excited to see what the next week will do for me, and if my body is going to keep adjusting. A bonus is that next week, my fasting days will fall on opposite days that I exercise, so I won’t actually have to skip my work-outs!

Want to see what happened in Week 2? To continue reading click here.


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