Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

I respect every woman’s right to feel beautiful, whatever it may be that accomplishes that goal. But for me, makeup is not that. I understand the reason that a lot of women do it; it covers your zits, lessens the wrinkles, contours the jaw, lightens the darkness around your eyes, etc.

Can’t fix that nose though…

But what it doesn’t do is change what you actually look like. In fact, it may actually do the opposite, since it doesn’t really do your skin any favors.

I’m sure we all have that friend, who for the longest time, we NEVER saw without their “face” on. Then that one fateful day came along when you went over to their house early in the morning, they walked out of their bedroom to greet you, and you literally thought you walked into the wrong house because you couldn’t recognize them. I don’t want to be that friend.

I don’t want to feel like I have to decorate my face to be in public, or to feel beautiful. I don’t want to spend big money on products just so I can look like a different person, or someone that looks eerily similar to all of the other women who wear makeup.

Now imagine these were other girls you know who wear makeup. The picture didn’t change.

I know that wearing makeup is as old as time, and that it was used in ritual, blah blah blah. We’re in 2019, not ancient Egypt. So why is it that during one of the most tolerant and accepting eras, when everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, we are still using makeup as much as we do? Women are beautiful creatures. I’m a firm believer that all genders can be physically attracted to women simply because of our curves and soft features. Some people will say that femininity is enhanced when we highlight our best areas, but I think the opposite. I think femininity is enhanced when we walk out into the light of day with our faces held high, with our natural beauty displayed. We don’t need to highlight anything. We are fine.

We are also role-models to the younger generations. What message does it send to little girls when they see their mothers putting makeup on before leaving the house every day? It tells them that makeup makes you pretty, that women should wear products because normal faces aren’t quite as nice. When I was growing up, my mother didn’t wear any. She also didn’t allow me to wear it until I paid for it myself, and when I finally started making paychecks, I realized how expensive that shit is. I’m grateful that I had the experience I did because I have seen confidence in action, and I know it involves loving yourself, loving your face. Just the way God made it.

God’s expression when he made Owen Wilson’s nose

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